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  Whether strays or owner turn in, it is clear a lot of people got a husky BEFORE they knew about the breed.  Leading to an over abundance of unwanted Siberians.  Its not the huskies fault...

   Siberian Huskies are highly intelligent, sensitive and energetic. They are funny, playful, athletic and love, in fact NEED to be with their pack/family.  They were bred to run and need daily exercise.    They can be food aggressive. Husky dogs playing, looks more like fighting, but it is just rough play.  There is so much to learn about this pack animal ! 

 A person that  accepts the Siberian Husky for the breed that it is, and can understand and enjoy the pack mentality will never want another breed of dog. 

Those who are not prepared to chase this escape artist or brush the hair off of everything will not feel that way.

WE HAVE RECEIVED MANY CALLS for dogs for children.  Watch the Cesar Milan video link and remember IF YOU and your child WILL NOT put in the time, don't call us to take your dog. (the husky video starts about 50 seconds in).


  In the pack, food means survival and usually Siberian Huskies do not want to share food, toys, or rawhide chews. Feed them separately.  Pick up the bowls after they have eaten.

  They are fairly clean dogs, and considering they don't need a bath but maybe twice a year, they usually have no body odor.

 They do shed more than any dog you will ever see.   THEY   BLOW THEIR COATS TWICE A YEAR. Brushing everyday will help bring out the undercoat, to help keep down on piles of hair in you home.


Siberian Huskies have a high predatory instinct.  Most often they are NOT good with smallanimals such as cats and rabbits, or the neighbors chickens!  Sometimes not smaller dogs! We get a lot of owners calling us to take their dog because it gets out and killed the neighbors cat, or chickens. Siberian puppies dig and chew due to their high energy level.  Sometimes this subsides with maturity, and other times it just tapers off...a bit.

 One of your most important tasks is to provide a safe environment for the rescued Siberian and the rest of your pets. If there are other animals in your home introduce them slowly and individually to the Siberian.  You may want to make some or all of the first day one of separation. This enables the adopted or foster dog, and your current dog(s) to become aware of each other's scent without having to directly "confront an intruder".

 Huskies escape most often when left alone. Closely monitor a fenced area to be sure he or she won't try to jump over or dig under. You must be determined and willing to come up with solutions to keep your family member safe and home. This is with any dog!  Remember with a husky, your dealing with a dog that is bred to run, and capable of traveling many miles.  People tell us "I have 200 acres they can run on". BUT THEY DON'T STOP RUNNING!  Most huskies in the shelter are strays.  The Siberian Husky Club of America states that 99% MUST be on a leash. They are also quick to jump past you or your children when  you open the door.  Their strength makes it hard to hold them back.  YOU MUST THINK AHEAD AND BE SMARTER THAN YOUR HUSKY.  Always walk the dog on a leash when outdoors, and have identification on your pets.

Try a runner for exercise and safety. Make sure collar don't pull over head.

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  OUTSIDE ONLY? - NOPE. . . Huskies love the outdoors with the smells and sounds, just like any other dog.  ALSO like any other dog, they like to be part of the inside family.  It is important to housebreak your dog, so that it can be part of the family. Because a dog is bigger does not mean it cannot be in a home, and part of the family like a smaller dog.

 Huskies seem to be independent and strong willed when training so training sessions should be short and constant.  If there is something THEY want to do, they tend to have very LONG attention span and can be relentless ! They can pick up bad habits very quickly, so don't let them get away with anything. Huskies are like an intellectual and physical challenge. You must be willing to accept and meet any challenge that can possibly come up and there can be many. 

          Too much energy? We always say two huskies are better than one. These pack animals play with each other which gets rid of a lot of energy.


These are working dogs and a lot of times, extra work such as taking them hiking or walking with a dog backpack-have them carry 2 bottles of water on each side.  Dog sledding/pulling gets out a lot of energy and includes training and being with others of their kind.  Our rescue has dogsled classes fall/winter.



Siberians are not for the timid or lazy - either mentally OR physically!

Huskies LOVE the cold and snow, but can get HEATSTROKE in the summer. Imagine yourself outside in 98 degree heat wearing a winter coat!  Shade, lots of water or bring them in the air conditioned home with you. After all they ARE part of the pack !

 Most of our rescues come from shelters. They may have been a stray (no ID), or an owner turn-in that previously had a very secure home.  The dog coming from a previous home may show the most stress.  Then there is the worst possible environment - a puppy mill. This dog would most likely have been subject to living in an unclean kennel with multiple dogs. You must acclimate the dog to indoor living and teach appropriate "house manners". If your having trouble with a behavior problem contact Siberian Husky Assist to discuss alternatives.  Avoid hitting and shouting, which can cause great emotional stress to the rescue. Some adult rescue dogs need more care and attention than a puppy. But remember they are intelligent.  We encourage the short-term use of crate training.  It helps dogs adapt to their new environment more quickly, help in monitoring the level of housebreaking, protect furniture from younger or more "chewy" dogs, and also gives the Siberian a small 'place of his own' where he knows he is safe. 

By nature huskies like to live in groups. The Chukchi people in Siberia had their dogs come into their tents and sleep with their children to keep them warm. Their history is one that makes their nature to be such that they are good with people. (Still watch the children and dogs regarding food aggression). Make sure your dog is included in family fun. They are part of the family and should get the attention a family member would get. To put them outside in a yard and forget about them, makes them an unhappy family member. Your siberian husky will need daily exercise.  Look at your future.  A pet is a lifetime family member

   THINK AHEAD!   If you MIGHT have to give up your husky because "girlfriend don't like it", "didn't realize their is so much hair", "going to go to college",  "having a baby and won't have time for", "can't housebreak", "it has sooo much energy", "he keeps jumping past me out the door and I have to run after him", "my baby is crawling now and gets dog hair in her mouth", "the dog is just all alone on a chain in the backyard, and I don't have the time I thought I would to spend with her", or any other reason we've heardto get rid of your pet, any pet, don't get one.  They ARE a family MEMBER and  want to be with ONE family just like our kids.  Maybe get a sister/brother husky to play with, and for companionship.

     Siberian Huskies are a great/fun breed. Once you understand the pack mentality, and include "them" as part of your family, (because you will not be happy with just one when you see the fun two or more provides), you too will know the feeling of being    "part of the pack".

If you adopt this dog, could you honestly say that it would be in a safe, knowledgeable of the breed, home with attention, training and love for its entire life...12-15 years?


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 There have been times a Siberian Husky has been bred with a wolf/dog. The breeders try to tell you that you have a wolf; wrong, you have a DOG. If a wolf/dog goes into most shelters, they are immediately euthanized. We get calls from people wanting to breed one of our huskies to sell. However, we spay and neuter our rescues. These people are all backyard breeders, and don't care or know the quality of the dogs they are breeding. For more information on husky/wolfdogs:  www.fullmoonfarm.org

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